M i l o ' s D r e a m s

Dreams are never not creative. On this page you will find out what it's like to be inside my mind at night.

Being chased

This is the most recurrent topic in my dreams. Maybe 'dream' is not even the right term for it; 'nightmare' is far more fitting.

In these nightmares, I am endlessly running and hiding from creatures. The most common chaser in my nightmares are zombies. Although I never realise they are zombies until I wake up. Another example are dinosaurs. I remember hiding from a T-rex, it looked almost identical to those scenes from Jurassic Park.


I like horses so much that my current sport is horseriding. Horses appear frequently in my dreams, too. From all the dreams of horses I have had, all appear very vague in my memory.

One dream however, I remember better than usual. I was (sort of?) a cowboy, on a mission to tame the fastest horse. This dream is one I had when I was very young, around the age of 5-8 years.